Universal Grammar

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1) Read Unit 7 (Universal Grammar) from your book and visit the following links:

2) Then answer the following questions:
1. If you already know a second language and start learning a third, what is the initial state?
2. What is the Criticism to UG? Answer this question by referring to Piraha People in particular.

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Functional Approach to Acquisition

Hello Everybody,
This week we studied Functional Approach to Language Acquisition.

1.Read the following citation:
“Functionalists maintain that the communicative situation motivates, constrains, or otherwise determines grammatical structure…..” (Nichols, J. (1984, p 97). Functional theories of grammar. Annual Review of Anthropology, 13, 97-117.)

2. In the light of this citation find examples (at least two) of this kind where the situation effects the use of a particular grammatical structure, in Turkish or English.

(For Example: we use different "Modal Verbs" when we ask for money from a) our parents; b) our teahcher; c) a stranger)

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Games and First Language Acquisition

Hello Everybody,

Read the Article "Language Games" and write a review for it, combine your own thoughts and knowledge of language and play. You might want to consider "vocabulary acquisition" and "culture influence" on Language Acquisition and Games.

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First Language Acquisition

Hello Everybody,

This week we studied the first and second language acquisition, please answer the following question:

How do deaf and blind children acquire their first (native) language? Do they follow the same pattern as other children? Explain these questions by comparing and contrasting deaf and blind children with children having no disabilities. (You have 2 weeks to complete this homework)

See the following websites before you answer the questions:

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Your First Hypothesis on Language Acquisition

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The first homework of this term is about making a hypothesis on the following data from your book(p.18). After examining the following data write your own hypothesis about the acquisition of "plural in English". Remember the 4 hypotheses we studied on the acquisition of "continuous" in English. (You might click on the title to read more on acquisition)

1) I bought a couple of towel.
2) There is many kind of way you make baklava.
3) Just a few month he will finish from his studies.
4) There is a lot of mosquito.
5) How many hour?

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