Functional Approach to Acquisition

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This week we studied Functional Approach to Language Acquisition.

1.Read the following citation:
“Functionalists maintain that the communicative situation motivates, constrains, or otherwise determines grammatical structure…..” (Nichols, J. (1984, p 97). Functional theories of grammar. Annual Review of Anthropology, 13, 97-117.)

2. In the light of this citation find examples (at least two) of this kind where the situation effects the use of a particular grammatical structure, in Turkish or English.

(For Example: we use different "Modal Verbs" when we ask for money from a) our parents; b) our teahcher; c) a stranger)

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Games and First Language Acquisition

Hello Everybody,

Read the Article "Language Games" and write a review for it, combine your own thoughts and knowledge of language and play. You might want to consider "vocabulary acquisition" and "culture influence" on Language Acquisition and Games.

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